Chicken and Olive Stew with Butterbean Mash

I wish I could tell you that I’ve been keeping myself busy with lots of worthwhile things over the last month and that’s why I’ve been AWOL again but alas that hasn’t quite been the case. I spent a long weekend in Amsterdam last weekend and have been kept busy with lots of visits from my family recently which has meant that whilst I’ve spent a good portion of the last few weeks eating my way around London and the Venice of the North, I haven’t been spending as much time as I normally would experimenting in the kitchen. But now the evenings are getting dark earlier and the winter weather is most definitely on the way, I’m looking forward to cosy Sundays watching all the romcoms and catching up on my little corner of the web.

Given it’s fast approaching Christmas – yes I am one of those people who countdowns to Christmas from mid September – I’ll be sharing some seasonal recipes with you over the next few weeks (no more mini breaks coming up to get in the way) but today I wanted to share with you some exciting news…

Last week I received a long-awaited e-mail that I was pretty bloody excited about. I’ve been accepted as an ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (more details below)!! For as long as I can remember I’ve loved food. Cooking it, buying it or eating it, I could literally spend hours on the subject without getting bored, so this is a really exiting initiative that will help me put my passion for both food and health (hopefully) to good use   whilst benefitting my local community.

The Food Revolution is a movement that allows people who love food to come together to share information, talents and resources and also to pass on their knowledge and bring food skills to life. All around the globe, people work together to make a difference. The Food Revolution is about connecting with your community in schools, restaurants and local businesses. We want to inspire change in people’s food habits and to promote the mission for better food and education for everyone.

All About the Food Revolution

WHAT: An ongoing, global campaign to provoke debate and inspire positive, meaningful change in the way our children access, consume and understand food.

WHY: We’re in the middle of a global health crisis. Right now an astounding 41 million children under five are overweight, while another 159 million are too undernourished to grow properly. We’re failing both our children and future generations by not feeding them the right food they need to grow healthily and happily.

HOW: Meaningful change is built from the ground up. We educate and inspire people to make better food choices, we empower communities to come together as one united voice, and we lobby governments and businesses to make positive, lasting change in the way our children access healthy food. Sign up and join the Food Revolution at .

WHEN: The Food Revolution is a global, year-round campaign. Every year in May, we hold Food Revolution Day; a single day to celebrate and story-tell success, raise awareness and invite more people, businesses and governments to join the ongoing Revolution.

AMBASSADORS: Ambassadors are integral to promoting and expanding the Food Revolution from the ground up within the communities who need it the most. They play a voluntary leadership role in connecting individuals, schools, businesses and organizations at a local level to ensure their collective voice is heard. Ambassadors are the spark of enthusiasm that can turn the Food Revolution into a local movement by connecting supporters together and working to bring back better food education. Jamie’s charities want to give Ambassadors a platform to share their knowledge with the local community and open up opportunities for even more people to learn about real food. The Food Revolution is the rally cry to unite all of the amazing work going on out there. If this is something you’re passionate about to then please get in touch so we can do this together.


With all this in mind, I wanted to share one of my favourite recipes with you this week that is great to try if you’re new to cooking or want a really easy hearty and healthy dinner now we’re getting closer to winter.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

1 Brown Onion, chopped

2 Cloves Garlic, chopped or minced

2 Chicken Breasts, diced (or 2 chicken thighs, on the bone)

Handful of Green Olives, sliced

1x 400g Tin Chopped Tomatoes

1 Tsp Mixed Italian Herbs or Handful of Fresh Basil

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper, for seasoning


Heat a medium sized frying pan on a medium heat and once hot, add a glug of olive oil.

Add the onions and fry for 4-5 minutes. Once the onions are soft, add the garlic and fry for another two minutes.

Add the chicken and olives to the pan and fry gently until the chicken is starting to turn white (don’t worry if the chicken isn’t thoroughly cooked as it’s going to be cooking in the tomatoes for a while).

Finally add the chopped tomatoes, herbs, salt and pepper and a cup of water, stirring everything together before turning the heat to low and leaving to bubble until it’s thickened up.

For the butterbean mash, simply drain the butterbeans and mash until smooth, stirring through a splash of olive oil and pepper before serving.


  1. Add a splash of Balsamic Vinegar and Red Wine to the sauce with the chopped tomatoes for a richer more tangy sauce.
  2. Stir in a chunk of goats cheese just before serving for a creamy sauce that is great with pork meatballs and spaghetti.
  3. Blitz roasted peppers in a blender just before serving for an extra sweetness and to get even more veggie goodness in.



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