2014 A Review: Top 10 Posts


Wow – what a year 2014 was. Before I take a look at the ups and downs of the last 365 days (and the food that got me through it) I think I need to apologise for my extended hiatus. My plan was to work through my back stock of summer recipes whilst I found my feet down in London but I got a bit too distracted by the bright lights and expensive drinks that I’ve found myself surrounded by here in Camden. I used to dedicate Sunday to sitting down in front of the telly with a hot drink and my trusty laptop to write my recipes but over the last two months Sundays have been spent with my fuzzy head buried deep under my duvet, feeling far too tender and sorry for itself to even think about writing anything legible for the whole world to see.

In those two months I have not only neglected posting on here I’ve also become single and turned to food to keep me company on those cold and lonely nights – mr nutella has been particularly welcome in my boudoir on several occasions – and as a result now look a lot rounder than I did when I first moved home last summer.

I’m ready to snap out of my lazy routine now though, Millie Mackintosh watch your back because there’s a new girl in town ready to work out, blog hard, earn my pennies (and of course spend them) and look amazing all at the same time.

So here are the top 10 recipes I shared over the last 12 months and here’s to 2015. I hope you all have a great one and I promise I’ll be staying around giving you my ideas, adventures and lots of love along the way.


1) Christmas Gingerbread House

The obligatory Christmas bake. I made one for the first time last Christmas and it got me ridiculously excited for Christmas – and that was without all the leftover sugar I ate. I actually made this the day my grandma lost her battle with cancer and found it very therapeutic putting all my emotions into something that was going to cheer up other people – one thing I have definitely learnt over the last year is how much baking helps me when I need to empty my head, I suppose testing the end product cheers me up quite a bit too!

IMG_1371 copy

2) Classic Madeira Cake

2014 was a pretty sad year for my family. We said goodbye to both my grannys and lost our lovely labrador Freddy but one person who was (and is) guaranteed to put a smile on our faces is my lovely nephew Charlie. Making his first birthday cake was something I was so pleased to get to do and seeing him cheekily munch on it made me very very happy.


3) Millionnaires Shortbread

May bought with it the Easter holiday and a much needed trip back home for me. When my mum was emptying out my grannys kitchen a can of Carnation condensed milk was brought back to our house I knew I had to make these. I remember first trying cooked condensed milk with her and it was love at first taste of the gooey, almost-too-sickly-but-not-quite caramel. I always get exited when theres homemade millionaires shortbread around as they’re sooo much better than their shop bought equivalent.


4)  Breakfast Banana Muffins

One thing I love about my new job is the fact I don’t have to get up at 6 o’clock every morning so can actually spend time preparing a ‘proper’ breakfast. I often found myself in a mad rush to get ready in the morning after snoozing my alarm a couple of hundred times so found it useful having a stash of these in the freezer to munch on on the train and keep me going until my break.

DSC_0704 copy

5) Foolproof Chocolate Cake

The best chocolate cake you will ever try. Obviously I’m slightly biased but I’m still pretty confident it will be in your top 3.


6) Traditional Viennese Biscuits

Wow, these were made all the way back in the summer 2o13 when I’d just moved home from uni. Just goes to show how much everyone loves a classic!

DSC_0365 2

7) Lemon & Raspberry Sponge Cake

When a friend from work asked me if I’d make the cake for his parents wedding anniversary I was so touched. We both love Hummingbird Bakery and decided their Lemon and Raspberry cake was the cake I should try and recreate. I’ve made no secret of my love of the lemon and raspberry combo so when I found myself with enough leftover ingredients to make myself a little taster I was pretty smug!


8) Date & Walnut Loaf

Still my mum’s favourite – so easy to make and even easier to eat!


9) Mini Treacle Tarts

Still dad’s favourite – possibly easier to eat than the date and walnut loaf and don’t be surprised if a whole batch goes missing in one day.


10) Triple Chocolate Cookies

My FAVOURITE cookie recipe ever. These were originally made for my at-the-time boyfriend’s dad but never actually made it to him as I enjoyed them far too much…

Helena xx


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