Kings Road Market


Good morning everybody! It’s time for me to natter on about another food market that I love to visit when I’m visiting London – and one that I will be visiting lots more when I move back in 3 weeks time! This is a bit of a lazy post as it involves me lying in bed drooling over pictures of food and rambling on about how much I loved eating said food which isn’t that difficult I know BUT I will be back next week with an exciting recipe for you all and some (hopefully) good news about my latest charity-baking endeavours! Have a fab week everyone!

Following on from my post about Greenwich Food Market, I’m back with the third food market from my list (albeit rather delayed): Kings Road/Partridges Food Market which can be found on a Saturday morning on the Kings Road in Chelsea (nearest tube station is Sloane Square). I initially paid the market a visit back in April with my mum and sister and after falling slightly in love with some of the stalls there, I made my second visit there last month – needless to say I was a very happy girl that weekend!

The food shop Partridges is just next to the food market and you should have a stroll around here whilst you’re there – walking around and admiring all the fresh and international foods on offer, you could easily be transported to a little Italian supermarket, a New York corner shop or an English countryside farm shop just in the one room and it’s bloody lovely! I’ve just started a new job in food buying and I can’t help but dream about one day working as a buyer for a shop like this.

The massive cookie towers you can see in the picture are from Galeta and although I didn’t buy any on the day I have tried them before at one of the 20 London markets that they have stalls at. They have loads of different flavoured cookies, cakes and other treats and their Raspberry Pastel de Nata is something that I need to try sharpish!

DSC_0015Falafel selection box from Jacobs Finest – A selection of four falafel, I went for one of each of their flavours ( Original Falafel, Falafel with Olive, Falafel with Sun Dried Tomato, Falafel with Apple) for my lunch. Whilst both the homemade falafel and hummus were really tasty, the flavours weren’t very distinctive and left me a little disappointed.

DSC_0370 DSC_0394Amazing filo pastries from HushHushChefs – they make a massive selection of meat and vegetation filo pies and tarts with gorgeous Mediterranean-inspired flavours. This yummy beef and roasted vegetable tart served with greek salad and cous cous only cost us £4.50 – cheaper than a Mcdonalds meal and much tastier!



The ‘Rainforest Roti’ was absolutely gorgeous and guilt-free and everything was raw, unprocessed and vegetarian. I had the mild tomato relish but they also offer a spicier one for those who can handle heat! This was £5 so was one of the pricier lunches but it was well worth it – I polished the lot off in record time!


All aboard the biskie trend! After reading all about the latest hybrid in the baking world I had to try one and see what all the fuss was about. After browsing the 12 different flavours on offer, including red velvet, green tea & white chocolate and raspberry, I went for this triple chocolate and salted caramel treat which was lovely and had a really interesting texture, not quite a cake but not a biscuit either and a welcome change from the cupcake – definitely one to try if only to indulge in your sweet tooth!

DSC_0013Traditional French ‘Tartiflette’ on offer from La Ferme. My mum chose this for her lunch so I only tried a little bit but it was sooooo good. Really creamy and cheesy and the bacon lardons were a welcome addition to the vegetarian dish which features only mushrooms. I don’t know if I’d be able to finish off a whole portion by myself though as it was quite rich!

DSC_0049White Chocolate, Banana & Pistachio Cake from Rummanco – This stall offers cakes with a Carribean twist and this cake was absolutely gorgeous; moist and light and not overly bananary (yes I have just made that a word) with a lovely sweet filling and a bargain for only £2.50 – a must visit!

DSC_0048Red velvet & lavender & violet cupcakes from Crumbs & Doilies – We were drawn to this stall by the delicately decorated goodies and decided to try a couple of mini cupcakes so we weren’t overfaced. These were just the right size, not too sickly and flavoured beautifully but to be completely honest they were no more tasty than anything the other 10 billion cupcake companies offer.

DSC_0346Gorgeous gourmet marshmallows from Belinda Clarke – I couldn’t resist trying the Mojito flavour which had a lovely lime kick to it!


Melt in the mouth turkish delight that came in almost every flavour you can imagine!


Timmy’s pies – Traditional sausage rolls, pies and scotch eggs served with rosemary roast potatoes or a fresh green salad.


As I may have mentioned before, I’m a slight fudge addict so one of my first stops this weekend was Cookies & Cream – they have tons of different flavoured fudge on offer that is freshly made with quality dairy ingredients. My favourite had to be the malteaser or honeycomb – two of my favourite sweets combined, what more could I ask for!


Sweet little pastries available from Comptoir Gourmand. These are available at the majority of London’s food markets and I’ve even seen a stand alone pop-up stall in Chelsea too. They sell French pastries and macaroons that taste as beautiful as they look.

So, whilst I’ve managed to knock off three London food markets from my list, I’ve also added a few on to it: Brick Lane, Broadway, Southbank Real Food – I’m also really looking forward to my next trip home to Wolverhampton so I can head over to Birmingham and pay Digbeth Dining Club a visit – I’ll let you know all about that once I’ve gorged myself on all the goodies there! Are you visiting any food festivals this summer?

Helena x


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