1 Year Post!! A Visit to Greenwich Market



I can’t actually believe how much has happened in the space of one year; from graduating from university and moving to London to losing two grandparents and landing my dream job it’s been quite a hectic year that has had its fair share of ups and downs but on more than one occasion I’ve found myself in the kitchen rustling up something new to take my mind off of things and unwind. Having this blog to be able to share these recipes with you all has helped a lot more than I would have expected – I love chatting about what I’ve been cooking and why and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 12 months has in store for me and my little bistro 🙂

For my one year post I had planned to share with you a homemade crab ravioli recipe but unfortunately I had to scrap this idea after the pasta that I made looked about as appealing as something you find in your food disposal 😦 Despite looking like a dogs dinner, the dish was edible and quite tasty too so I will be trying it out again soon, hopefully with the help of a pasta maker.

One thing I want to blog more about in the next year is the fantastic food markets that a lot of UK cities have on offer. From farmers markets to more specialised street food eateries, I’m making it my mission to visit as many as I can and share the visits and foods on offer with you all. The first bulk of markets that I will visit will be in London – you can read about my visit to Borough Market here – and Time Out London magazine has been useful in helping me decide which ones down here before I venture back up to see what the Midlands has got to offer in the foodie stakes. To start my new resolution I thought I’d write about my recent trip to Greenwich!

As you might have read about in my Pork & Apple Sausage Roll post, I spent my May bank holiday exploring the (not-so) hidden green haven that is Greenwich. Obviously this visit had to include a trip to the famous Greenwich Market and I have to say although it was slightly smaller that I was expecting, I was not disappointed at all and was blown away with the variety of foods on offer in such a small space.

Despite getting to Greenwich relatively early at around 11am, the market was alive with the buzz of stall-holders cooking up their treats without being absolutely full of market goers – it was the perfect time to take in everything that was on offer!


The first stall that we came across was Eat n Mess, a lovely little cake stall that sold a brilliant range of freshly baked goodies: cupcakes, flapjacks, tarts & brownies that were available in several flavours and, judging from the much more empty looking stall we saw at the end of the day, were very popular with visitors.

I tried the raspberry bakewell slice and Rich chose the Ferrero Rocher cake (which I obviously had a nibble of as well) and they were gorgeous. Both slices were on the big-bordering-ginormous side which made them very worth the £2.50/£1.90 we paid for them respectively.

You can also get a loyalty card for this stall so if your a regular market goer or work in the area it’s definitely worth picking one up!


Gorgeous little coconut drops from Coopie-Coco. These were gently spiced with ginger and cinnamon and even a little taster took me away to a hot sunny day on a beach somewhere tropical – I loved it! Lots of other caribbean chocolates were available from this stall too – worth a visit if rum-laced sweet treats are your weakness.


When it comes to honey, I border on being mistaken for Winnie the Pooh at times. I absolutely love it – smeared on toast, drizzled through natural yogurt, stirred through porridge or used as a sugar replacement in baking, I’ve even been known to spoon it out of the jar *hangs my head in shame*. So as you can imagine when I saw this stall I had to check out some of their products and I wasn’t disappointed. My favourite had to be the apple honey, something I’d never tried before but can’t wait to try at home!


The biggest and tastiest looking Portuguese cream doughnuts & Pastels de Nata from Taste of Portugal. – I didn’t get to try one of these on the day as I went for a cakey treat instead but definitely will be buying one when I visit again!


Fear not lovers of tea & coffee, if food isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of beverage-centred stalls that should keep you busy – take this stall for example. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many flavoured teas as there were on offer here – there’s definitely something for everyone and even though I’m not the biggest tea drinker I still found varieties that I would be keen to try: blackcurrant and peppermint being one of them.


I was too full of cake and nibbles to try out one of these pina colada smoothies but they looked and smelt gorgeous – and such a great idea for a sunny day treat.


After a lengthy browse around the market we headed up to Greenwich park to enjoy our nibbles and take a look around the royal observatory – where time begins!! This visiting spot was chocablock with tourists but it’s not hard to understand why! The history of this place along with the amazing views of London that you can see from here make it a great spot to spend an afternoon in the sun. The National Maritime museum is just at the bottom of the hill and is another place that’s great to visit for a bit of a culture and history lesson – I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of all things marine but I still found things that were interesting whilst wandering around the gorgeous building.


I absolutely love this picture and think it really sums up something I have come to love about London: for all the hustle and bustle that you get in the city centre, there are some beautiful green spaces where you can just sit back and take in all the beauty of the city – made a million times better when the sun’s out!

Where’s your favourite place to go to get away from the buzz of the city?

Helena x


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