Sundried Tomato, Feta & Black Olive Orzo Salad

Good evening everybody 🙂 As I write this I am absolutely stuffed full of Italian food having spent today at a cooking course at ‘La Cucina Caldesi’ (which I absolutely loved and will be writing an entry on very soon) so I am struggling to think or write about food properly right now! Please excuse this ridiculously short and easy post today, I will be back to my old self next week when I’ll be sharing with you the dishes I learnt to cook today – I promise you’ll love it!

This was just a quick dinner that I cooked up when I was last at home, and as I prepared it for my mum whilst she was working a late shift, I thought it was quite a fitting post for today, which is mothers day here in England. So here’s to all you fabulous mums out there, I hope you’ve all had a lovely day!

Ingredients (Serves 2-3)

200g Orzo

100g Feta Cheese

250g Sun Dried Tomatoes

110g Black Olives

Salt and Pepper, to season


Cook the orzo in salted water following packet instructions and drain the water off before adding the orzo back to the sauce pan or a large serving bowl.

Whilst the orzo is cooking, chop the sun dried tomatoes into small chunks and make sure the black olives have their stones removed.

Stir through the chopped tomatoes, black olives and crumble the feta into the pasta before serving with a green salad – it couldn’t be easier!



Helena x


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