My Kitchen Wishlist

I thought I would fill the time between my last recipe and my next with a little entry about my cooking wishlist (and if my family or boyfriend happen to be reading this, maybe refer back to it when it comes to Christmas ;)). Over the last two weeks I have left university, moved back home and managed to score a job in London starting this September (WOO HOO) and whilst this has been a bit stressful (resulting in lots of hours being spent distressing in the kitchen) it’s also massively exciting.

I promise I am still quite a normal 21 year old (I do have other things that I really want to get my hands on – Mulberry Bayswater Bag is pretty high up on that list if anyone was wondering) but I’ll admit I spend most of my time thinking up what I can cook up in the kitchen and browsing other food blogs!!

Despite not actually having anywhere to live in London just yet, that hasn’t stopped me from adding to my wish list of everything I one day hope to have in my kitchen, which is going to be my little haven! So enjoy reading, and feel free to offer any advice when it comes to anything you see on here!

1. Slow Cooker (Crock Pot): This has been on my list for about 8 months and to be honest, I wish I had bought one whilst I was at university as you can get some really good quality ones for really low prices these days. Starting full time work next year is something that is quite daunting to me, but I’m excited about the thought of throwing a few ingredients into my slow cooker before work in a morning and returning home to a delicious casserole or pulled pork dish for my dinner! (Maybe wishful thinking that it will work like that from the outset but hey, no harm with that!)


2. Madeleine Cake Tin: Ahhh I want one of these so much!! I have so many memories of family holidays in France and ALWAYS having a bag of madeleines to munch on through the day or take with us as pudding for a picnic on the beach. I’m yet to try out baking my own madeleines, but you will all be the first to know when I do, just as soon as I get my hands on a tin that is fit for the job!


3. Springform Cake Tin: Last year I received a silicone baking kit from my mum as a take-back-to-university present and I’ve really enjoyed using all the different tins for my normal sponge recipes, as the cake comes out so easily and cleans a lot better. However, after visiting my boyfriend’s family last week and using their springform cake tin to bake his dad’s birthday cake, I really want to invest in one of these. I also have quite a few cheesecake recipes in the pipeline, so one of these tins would come in really useful for all of those!


4. Piping Bag: I have been making my own piping bags from sandwich bags and greaseproof paper for so long now and whilst this does the trick for a lot of cake decorating, it is quite limiting when it comes to pushing the boat out for show cakes or making profiteroles and macaroons, which are both things I want to try soon. I’m hoping to go to a professional cake decorating course down in London in the autumn so will definitely be on the look out for a piping bag and all necessary attachments soon after that! (Also if anyone has any recommendations for which courses to attend please let me know.)


5. Potato Ricer: I fell in love with gnocchi after trying Sardinian Gnocchetti on a holiday to Southern Sardinia a few years ago and for a while now I have wanted a potato ricer so I can make my own gnocchi here at home. A favourite summertime meal of mine is gnocchi and pesto, so I can’t wait until I can make both of these from scratch and serve it up to my friends and family!


6. Almost everything in the Joseph Joseph Food Preparation and Kitchen Utensil product ranges: I was first attracted to this brand when I saw the Nest 9 Plus in House of Fraser, the colours are amazing and it looks like it will save so much space when it comes to storage. Having to live in a shared flat between 9 girls for the last 3 years I’ve become quite a pro at organising and storing my stuff well, but the majority of JJ kitchen utensils are really focused on bright colours and sharp designs, whilst saving storage space in the kitchen so I can’t wait to begin my collection!

Image7. Le Creuset Pans: The other day me and my friends were having a discussion about why, even if you follow the recipe down to the t, mum’s dinners always tastes so much nicer than when we make it away from home. One of our conclusions was that there has got to be something in the pans. As silly as it sounds, I definitely think there’s something in this, and if not, cooking with my mum’s pans always make me feel at home anyway. As long as I can remember we’ve always had the classic bright orange Le Creuset pans at home and this long life span alone, along with the gorgeous colours all the products come in (Teal and Cerise are favourites of mine) justify their pretty hefty price tag!



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